Saturday, November 26, 2016

Where is that Love?


As many Visible blog readers couldn't but fail to notice
, the commenting facility has changed at Smoking Mirrors, Visible Origami, Reflections in a Petri Dish etc. This was due to happen anyway, but was brought forward because of recent and ongoing problems with Blogger's native comments system.

Since the commenting system was changed a day or two ago, there appears to be a general reluctance on the part of Vis' readers to submit comments through it.

Ray B (who I am in touch with frequently) wrote me to advise that the reluctance of people to comment most likely stems from a suspicion that the new comments facility is some sort of honey trap to get submitter email addresses, or that the blogs have been hijacked or some other other form of foul play.

This, absolutely is not the case. For the new commenting facility, all the system requires is for the "name" field to be filled in (whatever name you choose to provide, it doesn't matter).

And that is all;
You do NOT need to register for anything;
You are not required to provide an email address

Just a name is all, whether real or contrived.

As a for what it's worth, the commenting facility is called Intense Debate and was created by a company as far removed from G00gle or Alphabet as you're likely to find; it was made and is maintained by Automattic who are an all round bunch of friendly geeks. Check them out.

So, less of the reluctance to comment, please? Give Vis the feedback his work deserves. And when commenting, it will help for now if any comments are made via the blog post pages, rather than via the various blog home pages.


If you have any questions
or just want personal confirmation that Visible's blogs remain in friendly hands, you're welcome to email either of the elves;

Thanks for reading! Now please get over to Smoking Mirrors and give Vis some comment love.

The Elves