Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting Serious about our Potential.

Inasmuch as this is a personal posting, with wider application of course (grin), I thought I would put it here at Siamese Mirrors. I want to outline what I am going to be engaged in for the next several months and invite anyone who may be interested in participating at whatever level may be useful. I would like to ask only those competent in the areas of concern to respond so I don’t have to go through a lot of vetting. It’s important that everything come off in as professional a manner as possible.

The point of my efforts is to help initiate the flagship prototype of The New Shangri-La. What that is, is a residential community with artistic and agrarian aspects devoted to a general consciousness raising and melding for the purpose of unveiling potential and realizing it, as well as having a good time. It’s a teaching environment and a learning environment, without any specific or hierarchal separations as to the roles or importance of them. We want a casual freedom with respect for the disciplines offered.

Ideally, this community will possess living areas and the usual amenities along with a commercial kitchen and the various spin-offs that come out of it. It will have some land for growing things and various educational and recreational possibilities. The intent is to start off with a core group that has been vetted for the purpose and then see where that takes us. This community should not only be self-sustaining but show a certain amount of profit in every available area. I’m being very general because specifics can come later. I’ve got a number of viable ideas that will insure self sufficiency and profit. I’m pretty secure about the concepts in hand and have a great deal of faith in those who will be a part of it. The community will have residence spaces for all full time residents and guest locations for everyone else who only wants to come and see and check it out as a prelude to joining or being an occasional visitor.

We’ll start small with between half a dozen and two dozen people and keep it that way until it gets rolling. The prototype should probably remain at an optimum number. Its purpose is to present a template for those wishing to do it in other locations. The prototype will probably be in Germany or a very nearby country. Third world efforts will come later but would not be ideal for a prototype.

I’ve decided to work at funding this effort based on my own artistic works. To this end a commercial website is presently being constructed by a professional in the field. It will offer for sale 3 books in the beginning, with more to follow, as well as some blog compilations; ‘best of’ kind of thing. There will be audio books, electronic PDF copies and hard copy (actually quality paperback) offerings of the same.

13 musical CDs will be offered from a companion site which will take care of all CD pressings, sales and shipment and take a fee for this service. Five more CDs are in the process of being recorded and an American band is going to be recording the music to some number of songs already in release and I will add the vocals and send them back to them for backup vocals and mix-down.

A collection of my New York TV shows is going to be digitized and also offered for sale. There are a few other items under consideration but we are going to draw the line at T-shirts and coffee mugs (grin).

Certain people are going to be investing capital in bringing this entire construction about and they will be remunerated by a percentage of the pure profit from the sales of the items with a grace period of several months before that goes into operation. Never kill your project by too much of anything too soon. Slow and easy makes for rapid and sure.

Here’s what is needed if you are interested in being a part of it.

A professional book editor who understands the flow and impact of a literary work within its genre. Two of the books are of a type of occult crime thriller, which is a vehicle for the transmission of ideas about what has been going on in the world, Dostoyevsky, Orwell and others have used this medium to get certain ideas across and so have many more. The other book is a non-fiction work dealing with living on this planet at this time.

Competent proof readers with a wide knowledge of English; there are already several people who have offered their services in this regard.

A half a dozen people who enjoy reading novels for entertainment and enjoy crime thrillers and all sorts of works with wide commercial appeal. I need you to tell me what you liked and didn’t like. Please do not offer your services unless you are the sort of person who routinely curls up with an entertaining book and know what it is that makes it an entertaining book. I’m not looking for people who read the classics, although that is fine too. I’m looking for people who go to the bookstore and buy works by Thomas Harris, Cormac McCarthy, Michael Connolly, Irvine Welsh, Brett Easton Ellis and any writer who has wide commercial appeal in the contemporary sense. My intention has always been to write gripping, can’t put it down, fare and the first book delivered that to a lot of people but some of you are squeamish and don’t get that I am using these books as vehicles for something else.

A few people who read a lot of self help and spiritual books and have an abiding interest in this field.

Small investors and/or patrons are welcome in order to defray the cost of bringing the books out in print. The start up shouldn’t be that large since I am intending to use this company because I have already seen how fine their work is and because they will handle mailing the books out and getting them to distributors.

This is the company- Lightning Source and here is a news release about them.

A competent studio engineer who can do professional mastering of songs and albums.

That about does it. Most of the work is already finished and just needs editing, proofing, mastering and the like.

I have several large websites that have offered free advertising because they support this work and that is a big gift since it will bring these products before the attention of tens of thousands of people every day.

I realize a lot of people want to help but please don’t offer your services unless you have the chops in any particular area. Investors and patrons are immune to this restriction (grin).

If I don’t invite you to help out in the beginning here, please do not be angry with me. There are a lot of offers to consider and I want to keep the whole beginning initiative small, except for investors and patrons (grin). Heh heh...

Anyway, there’ll be all kinds of transparency and other people besides me will monitor expenses and inflow. No one is going to get taken except, possibly, to another planet.

If you have any questions then please comment. If you have other concerns or offers please email me at

Thank you for the time you took to read this post.


Pstonie said...

Glad to see it's getting traction. I'm thinly read but will proofread if you need more people. I read a lot of Palahniuk for a while there until I ran out.

Hey, I thought you had to be on "the list" to read Siamese Mirrors. Probably misread or misunderstood the post in which you mentioned. Seems the list was for contributors. Probably missed a lot of good posts.

Erik said...

I just finished reading the available chapters of 'Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World' on the JustLive site.
(chapter 5 is missing?)

Would love to read more ...
(also read 'Dark Splendor' twice)

Dave Klausler said...

I have no special skills, but I did very much enjoy "Dark Splendor." My english vocabulary is decent, my comprehension better, my enthusiasm better still.

I'd be able to give you a common man review... although I guess I'm not all that common since I'm here. Fire it over if you wish. I believe that you have several of my contact data.

PT Turboe said...

So we talking about my trilogy "Crossing The River..."?

Anonymous said...

I have read extensively in relation to spiritual material. I also enjoy a good action novel. I am also widely read when it comes to what is going on in the world. I am very proficient at English and am half way through a Philosophy degree. I am not brainwashed, I am a free soul and have never been converted to serfdom. I am a rebel that is happy to be of use to anyone who opposes the Satanic system we find ourselves in.


Visible said...

Email me Kazz the address is at the bottom of the post.

Anonymous said...

i am always reading and read alot of the sort of books you are talking about from lots of different generations happy to send my thoughts though having read your last book i don't think you need much help

nina said...

Thanks Visible, this is an excellent opportunity for us to give back a little portion of what you give us.

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