Saturday, August 3, 2013

Poems & a Dance Tribute for Neil Rogers by Erin Parsley

On July 10, 2013 I presented a solo performance entitled LUMINOSITY in Chico, California at the Living Light Studio.

In this video is an excerpt, which was dedicated to our beloved Neil.

Poems ~
~ Dearest Neil
~ Unbreakable
~ Life Song (inspired by his comment below)
~ Journey Home

Dance ~
~ Peace (music by Asa)

Given with love,
Erin Parsley

Anonymous said...

This post reminds of rumi for some reason,
Maybe it is because it is written from the place where rumi would rest his head and dream into the great everywhere,,,
And when the instrument is finely attuned,it plays heaven through us all,it plays our deep deep humanity,our love as it truly is as it naturally occurs,,

Lovely post,,respects neil

Rest in Peace, Neil Rogers


Anonymous said...

thank you erin

little did neil know

how much he'd be missed

and by many, never forgotten

Martin said...

Bravo Erin, and well done Neil!!


Anonymous said...

what a heart warming tribute

thank you


Anonymous said...

Sadness washed away with beauty

Thank you for sharing this wonderful work!


Em said...

What a perfect tribute to Neil, Erin! Your stirring words, his beautiful poems, your joyous dance and Asa's lovely music. Neil would have enjoyed this in his ever humble and always endearing way.

.. peace ..

Erin Parsley said...

Thank you all so much for your comments.

I really enjoyed writing these poems for him, sharing them during my show, and dancing for him as well.

"Peace"... so perfect for our peaceful, humble love-warrior.

Love to all... Erin

Anonymous said...

The wind asked permission that day to stand still and gaze; and it was granted.

The flowers begged for more color and aroma that morning; and it was granted.

The sun promised a million more rays that afternoon if it could bask in you and Neil's glory; and it was granted.

Neil asked if the most gifted set of feet, heart and spirit could dance for him in the flesh one more time; and it was granted.

Angels pick up the rose petals that lightly drift behind you as you grace this universe with your heart and soul. They transform them into the brilliance of their glory, Neil and Erin.

Dance forward Erin,


Whisper deeply Neil,


Visible said...

Greetings, now that my own book is with the editor,m we could turn our attention to printing the book of Neils work. As stated several times already, I can't proceed without an 'In Memorium' collections of reflections from each entrant, speaking about Neil or telling Neil tales and submitting their favorite 20-30 poems. This can be whipped out PDQ if everyone is forthcoming.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Erin for this most sensitive, touching and beautiful gift in memory of our Neil, time has passed but we will never forget and will always cherish the memories he has left us.
Love Juanita, Alan, Keelan and Toby xxxx

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