Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Few Notes About Visible

Much gratitude to whoever found you Les Visible, and got you to hospital. Thank you too, Susanne for being, among whatever else you might be to Visible, a staunch friend to him.

Vis; what a horrible, horrible thing to happen; it would be bad enough if it had happened in the company of others and in a "safe place"; that you hurt yourself badly while alone and isolated (and in near freezing temperatures I guess) - and then had to wait many hours, and in a lot of pain, for help which might not even arrive, must have been challenging, and then some. I'm truly sorry for what you've gone through (going through) and I'm just one of thousands+ who I know will be wishing you well.

James Jancik has created a Get Well soon, Les Visible!healing meditation for Visible - it is so worth listening to, and more than once. Thanks James and sorry it's taken me an age to get it linked to.

Meanwhile - and this is for Mouser, or anyone else who has been in touch with Vis; what does he need, or will he need? Has he got a laptop with him, or access to one? If he hasn't and is going to need one, please let us know and I hope we can arrange to get one out to him. Any other equipment he needs, fresh clothes or whatever? Would he like some visitors? Yes, no? And if yes, let's get that sorted - perhaps we could crowd fund something...? Of course, if he's in grumpy mode then visiting him might not be a great idea. Mouser, give us any feedback please.

Maybe a chat-room here on the page could yield something positive; if Vis isn't going to be posting for a few days (or more?) then we might at least chat among ourselves. Who is up for a chat room? I might just put one up anyway, even if I end up talking to myself.

Finally, sorry again James it's taken me hours to get the meditation link up - am having all manner of computer problems here; likewise sorry Guldur, Dawn, Est I've not been able to acknowledge your mails yet.

God bless Les Visible - and thank you God that Vis is Get Well soon, Les Visible!alive

Real time chat if you want to send Vis a get well message or to talk about the best way we're going to get a laptop or tablet (plus whatever else he is going to need) to him. Registering for chat takes 5 seconds and it all happens within the confines of the box below. If you've registered before but can't remember your password or username please drop a line to the3rdelf@lesvisible.com.

And just to keep things simple, if you're known as (e.g.) "Patrick" when commenting on Vis' blogs, then please register as "Patrick" in the box below.

Get well soon, Visible


Anonymous said...

What happened? I am so sorry to read this news, and am not one to post very often, but have been blessed with a few email exchanges with Les. I thought something wasn't right by the lack of new writings. Please know I will meditate for his full and healthy recovery, it is the least I can do for him for all he has done for me.

The 3rd Elf said...

Gretchen (and anyone else who isn't aware) - sorry, I didn't intend to be cryptic when I wrote this post. I sort of assumed anyone finding their way to this more obscure corner of Visible's blogs would already know about his accident.

Apparently Vis fell from a ladder while renovating his new home. This was about 4 - 5 days ago. Bad enough that he broke his hip but he was alone when it happened, it's miles from anywhere and despite it being July, it's freezing in his neck of the world.... so as I understand it, he was laying in pain for many hours and unable to move, freezing his bits off and (possibly) not knowing whether the cold or shock would take him before an ambulance would.

Anonymous said...

Thanks (to all) for the updates and meditation. I pray he makes a full recovery, without any unnecessary unease, and may we all heal well.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Visible is in palliative mode thanks to the opioids.
He does need something though...a laptop or an Iphone with a prepaid internet carrier USB Stich so he can log on to the internet.
The phone text message was garbbled but I could see it was hin so I phoned and got through,
Do we want to all send10$ to Joachim (his landlord) so that a tablett or Iphone with USB prepaid internet access.
I have Joachims tel and address if this is a good idea.
It would allow Visible to do what he does best, write.

Matt McCauley said...

I was afraid of this in the last few days. Ladders... always knew that if something happened to Visible that I could reread origami just about forever, they are that powerful.

Swift healing Guru. I'll be here when you're back.

est said...

how can i send a 100 bucks ?
i know it ain't much, simply an offering
i have a debit card, [no pay-pal] please instruct

BCii said...

Loving thoughts and prayers go out to you, Visible, as you recover from this unexpected blow. I'm not in a position to offer any concrete help, unfortunately, but I know you will be needing somebody (or several somebodies) there once you get home. That renovation isn't going to do itself. I hope universe is well disposed toward providing you with all the assistance you will need, and I am certain that you will pull through and be back with us in time.


Anonymous said...

Cheer up Les.

It could be worse.

Like running the bulls in Pamplona, while filming yourself on the cell-phone:

All the Best,
El Sid

barbarossa58 said...

Recover soon, my friend...

The 3rd Elf said...

Thomas Farber, if you read this can you please email me at:


Or if anyone knows how I can contact him can you please get in touch? - thank you.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Les, and look on the bright side, more time to write! Please help with a donation to Les so he can get a laptop ASAP.

Love Rob

The 3rd Elf said...

I spoke to Visible a few hours ago and apart from breaking his hip he's badly bruised his face and injured both of his hands. Sorry to not sugar coat this, but he's in a lot of pain. The opiates or whatever the hospital are dosing him with are clearly not strong enough and we can only hope that they will up that dose to make the worst of it go away.

Actually, that isn't all we can do; if you haven't done so already, please give 15 minutes to listen to what James Jancik says and does in this Healing Meditation for Visible. Do it twice, even. (And should you think that stuff like James is doing in that mediation is a crock of shit, then you're on the wrong blog; sod off back to Infowars or wherever you came from).

A badly hurting Visible aside, I did find out that he managed to arrange to have his laptop brought in to him, so I guess he can read the comments here, even though he won't be able to write anything, if at all because of the damage to his hands. Don't expect any new Origamis or Mirrors for a few days at least, probably more.

Lots of people emailing me asking how they can get money to Visible. If I understood Vis correctly, he is "okay" for money to meet his immediate needs while in the hospital. There's no bar, smoking's not allowed (though he gave up last year I think - grin) and I doubt that he will want to hire a hospital TV so he can catch the latest on Fox. I'm not trying to deter people who want to donate a few dollars to Vis - nor would I encourage anyone to do so. All I will write on the matter is that I think he's "okay" for money right now - because he has nowhere much to spend it. That will not necessarily be the case once he is discharged from hospital in 2 weeks (it could be more, that is my best guess). Once he does get out, then yes, he may need some dollars. So anyone wanting to know how to get money right there to him - whether you have mailed me or not - all I will suggest is to use the PayPal button in the left-hand sidebar. Even if he cannot spend money where he is, no doubt some dollars will come in useful to Vis once he's back on his feet.

I'll update again as I'm able and it would be good if anyone else who manages to speak to Vis can do the same.

DAD said...

The Visable friend , I know that you are strong when weak and will pull through in fine form. I pray your days are filled with peace and your healing is speedy. Even though we may never meet you are a dear person to me and hope this day brings a smile ,like the last video you posted . Love you brother. David

The 3rd Elf said...

I spoke to Vis again this afternoon, he sounds a lot brighter. I have the address of the hospital, but before I publish it:

I need first to determine how much longer he's going to be there. I understand that he is going to be transferred elsewhere for rehab treatment - and should that transfer happen as soon as say, 2 - 5 days from now, I can see a situation where a deluge of flowers, chocolates, cakes, acid tabs and marijuana disguised as teddy bears descends upon the hospital from all points of the globe and they end up donating it all to the children's ward. Not a bad thing necessarily, though in my opinion, children eat too many chocolates anyway.

Let me first determine how long it's going to be until he is moved into the rehab unit, its address and for how long he's going to be there (my understanding is that he will be in rehab a good bit longer than he has been / will have been in hospital - there will then be a sufficiently large time frame for any gifts sent, regardless of where from, to reach Vis).

This is not to say that I'm not going to divulge the address of the hospital. Let me see what info comes in over the next few hours.

Thanks to everyone who has written, and sorry if I've not yet answered. I will!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I wouldn't publish his whereabouts on-line. Who knows who's out to get 'im. Isn't there a PO box, or something like that that things can be sent to, and a trusted someone can pick it up?

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,so sorry to hear of your pain and misfortune. I will include you in my prayers and want to thank you for all the truth and wisdom I have read in your blogs. You are truly a Great Beacon in a world of increasing darkness. May God and His Angels look after you and grant you peace and wellness.

The 3rd Elf said...

Here's an update of sorts:

A local(ish) 500km distant German reader, Michael is en route today to visit Vis. He's taking him a few essentials and I'm hoping that he might help Vis get online. I was mistaken in a previous comment - Visible isn't and hasn't been online the last however many days (not that I'm aware of, anyway) because although he has his laptop with him, there is no internet facility in the ward (hospital?) where he is.

Anyway, Michael set out a couple of hours ago and I'm going to assume that he'll get to Visible sometime this afternoon. Looking forward now (I think) to whatever feedback Michael can give us.

Finally, sorry if you've written and I've still not responded. My PC is quite poorly too, the last couple of days.

Anonymous said...


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