Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hearts In Bloom

Hello everyone!

Dropped in to share a song I wrote some time ago.

I was doing my breathing excercises and had a quick flashing daydream where it was wintertime. I could see Christmas lights all around, and it felt like everything was falling apart and coming together at the same time. There was this electric tension in the air. I could see signs of revolution (RE-evolution) and wild and crazy things going on all over the place.
Cycles of time spinning together and colliding and rumbling apart.
The breath of the universe doing its work.
The vision took me through different time periods, through Native American prophecies and dreams, past distant stars and constellations, and then all the way back to Mother Earth.
I saw Johnny Cash exploring the depths of Nickajack Cave, exploring the depths of himself.
I saw tall beings harvesting for souls, black water rising over mountaintops, strange lights in the sky, the sun going mad.
I saw myself. In different times. Driving in the dark. Wild deer running across the road. And then I saw myself through the eyes of the deer. I was looking at myself, gazing through my memories.
Everything was connected. Everything had its place.

It was just a glimpse. Just a flashing vision. It lasted maybe a couple of seconds. And then it was over. The feeling I got from the whole thing was very positive and empowering. I had the sense that humanity was finally going to shine in full bloom and take some very important step. In the daydream the chaos and mayhem felt like a golden opportunity for everyone. A chance to rise up and be the ones we have been waiting for. Be the change.

I started writing the song as soon as I finished doing my excercises. It pretty much wrote itself.
The song is called "The Breaking Wheel / Man Oh Man". At the time I wrote it I dedicated it to the work of Clif High. Seemed appropriate. Later on I was listening to Visible's radio show and pondering about sending Les a link to this song. Then immediately after that thought had crossed my mind I heard the words "deer" and "headlights" in the song that plays during the intro/outro of the radio show. Those words play a role in my song as well.

My friend Ville (the singer of the band) quickly put together a kind of a test video for the song. At the moment our band is called Crown of Leaves. We used to be known as Sandhya for a while. The name is prone to change. We'll see. I have written all of the songs that are in english and I play acoustic and electric guitars. We are currently bringing in new members to the band and starting to rehearse new songs and fine-tune the old ones.

So here's the song. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Here's one more. It's the first song I ever wrote.

You'll find more rehearsal videos on our YouTube channel or by checking my own YouTube channel. Some of the songs are in Finnish and most of them include just me and our singer Ville.

We will be posting more videos and better versions of the songs once we get the new members in and fully acclimated.

In the meantime,
Keep On Rockin In The Free World!
Thanks much.

Jarno Mikael