Monday, August 30, 2010

'How You don't know; but still do'

Spent last weekend very, very deep in the rabbithole.... it was raining 'cats and dogs' anyway ;-)

If you are ready for a truly amazing way of finding out some more about 'How You don't know, but still do' I can sincerely recommend this site:

This site dives deep into Ed Leedskalnin's "Coral Castle" mystery ...and manages to explain this 'simple' principle in an extremely beautiful graphical way!!

It will take you a couple of hours to read the site, but it's well worth your time!! (if time exists that is ;-)


A good start is this short video.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

New (well it's been around a while) Website

It's called Reality Sandwich and while every article might not be everyone's cup of tea, a wide dose insures that someone will find something of value.

A list of the most commented articles lately includes:

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Are You Afraid Yet?

Wow. Just got done watching a couple Youtube videos and a few things sprung to mind. I don't know if this is the type of thing that is appropriate here, but I'm gonna toss it out anyway.

After watching a gentleman named Louie Gomert freak out about the latest "threat" to our great nation ("Terror Babies" - I kid you not!), it occurred to me that what has been taking place in our country via media and propaganda (redundant, I know) is an attempt to instill the same wild paranoia in all of us that exists in the mindset of a certain group of individuals that refer to themselves as Jews.

Seeing both good and evil in all, it has been difficult to single any one group out as being more troublesome than any other, but the patterns that have emerged are without any room for speculation at this point. As we watch the world spin further into chaos, the group that identifies first as "Jew" seems to have, throughout history, been at the forefront of the main thing that keeps us at each other's throats - seeing their fellows as "other". Along with this view comes an almost pathological paranoia and sense of persecution that is being pushed to the front of the American mindset and is showing itself to be a form of mental illness in my opinion.

For people to actually believe that we as Americans are hated worldwide simply due to our exceptionalism is the height of ignorance, and works to absolve us of any responsibility for the actions of our "elected" representation. To see terrorists everywhere and also to claim to be under the constant threat of attack only because of jealousy of our magnificent society is, in a word, fucking insane (OK, that was 2 words but it felt necessary). We are to believe that we are simply victims and that the only way to be safe is to shut everyone else out by force if needed.

Are we unique in the world by virtue of our superior intellect, our willingness to work harder than anyone else, and because God has blessed us over all else, or is this just more bullshit to keep us in opposition to the rest of humanity? From what I can see, any notion of the USA being "better" than anyone else is laughable. We are without honor, without any history that does not contain a legacy of violence and conquest, and with little prospect of advancing further without a complete ground-up restoration of the way we live. It is time to start over and stop thinking we are somehow apart from and better than the rest, or in other words, it is time to learn what it is like to be a member of a world community rather than seeking to create our own version of an ideal society in the rest of the world because we would then somehow be "safer" and the rest of the world wants to be just like us because we are so awesome.

As we contemplate what our ideal community would look like, let us consider the models of abject failure that have gone before, and have led us to this place of small, fractured groups around the world focused on what is different rather than what we share in common. Seeing our differences and honoring each other in spite of them is our challenge, I think, and one that has not been met with much success to this point. I would wish to exist in a society that truly celebrates the "other", even though that distinction is mostly false at its core.

Oh, and the other thing I learned was that just about every medical, agricultural, and technical advance or invention was created by Jews, so we should be super thankful that such a group exists to bring the rest of us along into this wondrous modern world. Gee thanks, guys.

Please don't be afraid. At least not of the "others". Leave that to the lunatics like Gomert and the Zionists he serves.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

The New Shangri-La

My friends,

I believe it is time to revisit the New Shangri-La and possibly formulate plans and make God laugh. Property values have dropped so much here in Europe that it is now possible to purchase something of considerable value for not a great deal of money. I am talking about 2 million Euro which I do not consider a lot of money and which is not a lot of money.

We have now almost 300 members at the new Shangri-La and I do not doubt that there are some numbers of people who are not members who would be very much interested in being members of a workable and self sustaining community. I plan to begin asking for figures from those interested in terms of what they might be willing to spend in respect of something like this and also to get an idea of how many people would consider a move or at least the prospect of regular visitations each year for some months or so.

Because of the state of the world I am not contemplating anywhere but Europe at the moment and mostly somewhere around the Bodensee which is bordered by 3 countries. It is quite possible to find a hotel with restaurant that will accommodate a minimum of fifty people and provide opportunities for income via all sorts of inventive ideas that I and others who come here possess.

I have started this new blog as a means of discussing this and/or anything really but my intention was to sway the general mind in this direction for a little while anyway. Those of you who wish to become regular authors here need only to email me and I will send you permissions. I am making one rule and that is if you don't contribute for a month or more I will remove you but I will also restore you as soon as you ask me again (grin).

I am making a public appeal for any patron/sugar daddy/ guilt plagued rich guy or lady or anyone who is not intending to weasel in for nefarious purpose to consider giving us two million Euro for this community. I have set that as the bottom line and expect to pay no more than 1.5 for the property but require some operating expenses prior to self sufficiency. I know right now that there are people who can liquidate their holdings of one sort or another and make this happen and there are a number of these among our readership.

Anyone familiar with grant proposals or canny ways of extracting capital for this venture are welcome to present their ideas. Any money given must be given free and clear with no intent to control whatever but there will be no intent for the money to be used in any but the most productive ways with transparent bookkeeping.

I consider Michael Astera's book "The Ideal Soil" to be an important component of what we are contemplating and will be publishing a review of it shortly so as to garner interest and open some mental doors for those willing to have it happen.

I think that covers the opening measure and look forward to co-authors granting new movements and so on and so forth for the fulfillment of the symphony.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Read the comments, too.


Future Strategic Issues: Detonate Seabed Methane to “Produce Tactical/Strategic Level Tidal Waves Against Littoral Regions”

About Love...

Love has no form.
It has no desire, no want.

There is nothing you can DO
You can only BE love.

Yesterday and tomorrow cannot be filled with love
Only the present moment.

It is between words and changing emotions,
Always here.

Everyone has a story to tell, a need to connect.
I would like to thank Les for making this space available.

Much love to all those who "appear" on these pages.