Sunday, August 15, 2010

The New Shangri-La

My friends,

I believe it is time to revisit the New Shangri-La and possibly formulate plans and make God laugh. Property values have dropped so much here in Europe that it is now possible to purchase something of considerable value for not a great deal of money. I am talking about 2 million Euro which I do not consider a lot of money and which is not a lot of money.

We have now almost 300 members at the new Shangri-La and I do not doubt that there are some numbers of people who are not members who would be very much interested in being members of a workable and self sustaining community. I plan to begin asking for figures from those interested in terms of what they might be willing to spend in respect of something like this and also to get an idea of how many people would consider a move or at least the prospect of regular visitations each year for some months or so.

Because of the state of the world I am not contemplating anywhere but Europe at the moment and mostly somewhere around the Bodensee which is bordered by 3 countries. It is quite possible to find a hotel with restaurant that will accommodate a minimum of fifty people and provide opportunities for income via all sorts of inventive ideas that I and others who come here possess.

I have started this new blog as a means of discussing this and/or anything really but my intention was to sway the general mind in this direction for a little while anyway. Those of you who wish to become regular authors here need only to email me and I will send you permissions. I am making one rule and that is if you don't contribute for a month or more I will remove you but I will also restore you as soon as you ask me again (grin).

I am making a public appeal for any patron/sugar daddy/ guilt plagued rich guy or lady or anyone who is not intending to weasel in for nefarious purpose to consider giving us two million Euro for this community. I have set that as the bottom line and expect to pay no more than 1.5 for the property but require some operating expenses prior to self sufficiency. I know right now that there are people who can liquidate their holdings of one sort or another and make this happen and there are a number of these among our readership.

Anyone familiar with grant proposals or canny ways of extracting capital for this venture are welcome to present their ideas. Any money given must be given free and clear with no intent to control whatever but there will be no intent for the money to be used in any but the most productive ways with transparent bookkeeping.

I consider Michael Astera's book "The Ideal Soil" to be an important component of what we are contemplating and will be publishing a review of it shortly so as to garner interest and open some mental doors for those willing to have it happen.

I think that covers the opening measure and look forward to co-authors granting new movements and so on and so forth for the fulfillment of the symphony.


Visible said...

Just to give you an example, this is the kind of thing you can find and there are a lot of them.

a GrebBear said...

Sweet Visible ))

Although I have no monetary means, having renounced all material gain, in hopes (a fantastic investment in retrospective) of growing spiritually ... I have extensive knowledge of 'Out-standing Service'. I consider myself a professional server having served at least 15,000 tables in a 10+ year career as a server. My understanding of food service, has brought me to a very deep knowledge of, service-to-others, and the opportunity to utilize these skills in a "beautiful future" building way ... well, count me in. I will add, I have no desire for monetary gain, nor a need to control any situation. My soul )) ... mantra during meditation is, surrender ... as the highest vibration is Love, and what more could I possibly ask for ??

Thanks Les
I will beat the bushes and see what I get ... I know some of the cats WE seek.

Peace Love Light Truth
(- ;
; -)

ps ... the illusion is disintegrating; a little odd shaped cloud caught my attention today. I focused my "hole in the illusion" over it ... and it disappeared, in less than 3-5 seconds.
My "hole in the illusion" was created from starring at the sun a few weeks back (not for the faint of heart, nor recommended). I starred 3 different times, near the end (deep into the understanding (sensing) of vibration) of separate 'sits' (meditation); focusing for around 60 seconds each time (the sun became a dark spot, with a tunnel of light expanding around it). During the last stare I felt a release (like a elastic string) from behind my right eye. The process initially garnered some discomfort and questions, but the result is an energetic bubble, a small bulls eye of energy, where I see a circular 'violet' colored static, in constant motion. When I'm calm, if I stare at any small object, it disappears behind the static circle ... and today for the first time, after starring and then looking back, the object was gone; albeit, a cloud ??
note: this was also the first time I 'requested' the object disappear.
note 2: I deny myself any 'super natural powers' unless 'they' bring more Love into existence ... so as to keep the subversive powers of the ego, in check. ))

and again ))
Peace Love Light Truth
(- ;
; -)

abe said...

I'm not exactly what you would call well endowed,financially or otherwise- but if my boxes of bullion coins do what I think the coming hyper inflation is going to do to them- then count me in!

Mister_Ed said...

What I would recommend for your group, energy-wise, is to try to get someone in there from the Focus Fusion Society, someone who knows something about Dr. Eric Lerner's dense plasma focus device, and who could give you cheap (and indefinite) energy with such a thing using Boron 11 for aneutronic fusion. describes the prototype Lerner is making (tons of pictures) and it is highly likely, at this point, he'll get it off the ground. His experiment is $2 million, but once successful you ought to be able to build a duplicate DPF machine for about 1/10th of that cost. Very safe and cheap energy--and no, it can't "meltdown" because the fusion ceases to work once you shut off the incoming electricity (and 9 hours after each use the residual radiation has depleted to levels where you can clean-out the reactor with a washcloth and your bare hands).

DPF machines have been around 30 years. What Lerner did is put one in a vacuum chamber with a boron/water mixture, shield it, then stick a thick "antenna" inside to catch the outgoing charge. Imagine a steel "egg" about 3 feet long where a charge of capacitor-driven electricity goes in one end and a much bigger charge comes out the other. For the amount of electricity a McDonald's uses every hour you could power a small city. And boron is one of the cheapest and most abundant minerals on the planet. Just a suggestion.

a GrebBear said...

In reaction to Mr. Ed (Merci, by the way) ... I know how to build a Tesla bladeless siphon turbine, that is Schauberger and Rodin inspired. It will 'continually' (without stop, nor input, once charged to 30 psi) produce electricity, boiling hot & ice cold water or air (both highly energized), and Manna // ORMUS // white powdered gold (liquid or powdered intention). The design has come to me from quality questions and intent. I haven't built one yet, but have ZERO doubts, it will work. The design is quite simple, a mirror of a catch 22(ie. self supporting).

I will finish up the drawings (final draft) and share with any interested. The rough drafts are complete, leaving again, NO DOUBTS in my mind ... life is about Volition and OUR Active Accuracy of Universal Truths, of WHAT TRULY IS.

This post may sound, "hey look at me" ... and plum full of, "wishful thinking" ... but, I promise you, if that is what you believe; YOU are definitely going to BE, "on the OUTside ... looking in"
ie.) Dig Y-OUR head from Y-OUR ASS and let go of Y-OUR limitations ... you DON'T DIE !!!
... so STOP BEing such a CRY BABY !

WE need only look at the proliferation of the internet to understand the combined cluster fuck WE're in ... Love is literally BEing squeezed from the stone.

... I can DO, what I SAY.
You have my Word !!

Peace Love Light Truth
(- ;
; -)

ps. I can also produce all the heat or cooling from sunlight, needed. I have also studied pyramids via Les Brown ... and Tesla's aluminum hydrate, dark room = sun room, via cosmic radiation (see: gardens in any climate // season). Technology is as endless as the imagination, when inline with LOVE.

Anonymous said...

now peoples I could offer my services as site tramp general lay about poet and carpenter as with a building of this size it would need
a lot of maintenance.I have all sorts of high quality carpentry tools ready to be used.
also I did here of this solar powered sheeting that comes on a roll that is supposed to be the way forward or so it says,I do not know how to fit it but I am sure with some common sence we could work it out.

Anonymous said...

oh that last
comment was neil.
now it would be lovely to get something like this going.neil

Anonymous said...

also peoples we would need inspiring stories and story tellers by the bucket load...peace neil

Mister_Ed said...

Hey there, a GrebBear. You might well know what you're talking about. I thought I saw a similar device floating around one of the brainier Prison Planet forums back when I occasionally gave my opinions over there (earlier this year, really). My own experience with gadgetry goes no further than helping an electrician yank diodes/switches/capacitors off motherboards because he reused such things. The thing I'd wonder about--cynically--is how all you folks will fare actually living amongst each other for real. Not being in cyberspace anymore.

Despite being a very private person I've been cursed to live more than one chapter of my life in very peopled group settings--including a short stint in the military I don't like to discuss. Point is, I've found all the crap you normally never see your friends do suddenly bothers you when you see it every day--all the little vain and inconsiderate tendencies each of us seems to embody en masse and don't even think about until someone points them out--and then we usually just find vain and inconsiderate tendencies to point out about the other person.

Monasteries work because they have tons of rules rigidly enforced. Amish communities are the same, only with spats of breeding to create new Amish. What this sounds like, though, is the old Point Loma "Raja Community" Katherine Tingley created. And Loma had a good run--30 years--but that may have been a better place & time. Ours is the dark era with a capital THE. And woe be to me to suggest what Les and you folks can or can't do, but still, a shadow is about to creep over this whole world, and you may just find yourselves in less of a pleasant garden than a storm-tossed ship. Or even a prison--and you can take that from a former prisoner, as I've been there, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les and All,

I have been a reader of your work for 6 or 8 months. I am very keen on being part of a community in Australia and have similar ideas and concepts as your own. I think the idea of visiting is fantastic.

As far as raising capital goes. I have been trying my hand trading options, having never done anything like this before have found there to be large amounts of money to be made within the volatility of today's markets. You can triple your money in days- if you get your entry points right:). I have been studying Elliot Wave Theory and they have the Dow heading down toward 8200 over the next couple of months. This is a very large move in regards to options trading and will bring large results. I started with $5,000aus and it is already at $30,000 in just a couple of weeks. This is one idea of how to raise some capital for anyone who may be interested.

Steven M

a GrebBear said...

Steve M ...
Sorry, Y-OUR idea about making money in the commodities market, means you'd likely be making the money off the backs of people, just like you, or worse yet, from the farmers and or nature ?? The markets are setup to strip humanity and nature of its earnings and growing power; for that matter OUR global money system is setup for the same purpose ... trust Y-OUR intuition with Y-OUR paper energy, something along the lines of doing more with less ))

Hey Mister_Ed ...
So clouded with doubt, not unjustifiably so, but ... it sounds as though you've been beaten down ?? You speak to well, and honestly to be burdened with such a heavy load. As Les said the other day, its already here, and he is making the the initial formative steps to bring himself closer to the manifest. The process he laid out, was done with care, so as to be, self weeding. Clarity during the creative process pays off exponentially when WE arrive at the manifest. I hope you can examine Y-OUR 3:07 PM post and find a deeper Truth about Y-OURself ... to let go of some of the burden, you bravely bare.

The past does not equal the future,
... I hold no illusions that a cliche will unlock the load, it just feels appropriate.

If I can be of any help, just ask )

a GrebBear

Peace Love Light Truth
(- ;
; -)

Anonymous said...

Hi GregBear,
I have been in the building and farming industry for the past 20 years, my back is now in rehab.
I don't trade commodities, I only trade on banks and miners going down. The further they crumble the more money ends up in my acc. I don't enjoy it. Once I have the money required to help set up a community for the saftey and ejoyment of friends and family, I'm out of there. To stressful. It's like a plumber cleaning out a drain pipe, you don't wanna do it, but it pays the bills.
I have spent my life doing more with less. This also is doing more with less, I really don't need much to get started, it's fast so I don't have to do this for years, and I can do it from home which for us is the sea, where I homeschool my
Steven M

W V .. Fatin, no joke, I'm doing this to fatin my bank acc, it's been starved for years

Karyn Weese said...

Warm greetings to all. I am currently involved with a small community on a 360-acre farm in Eastern Nevada, 400 miles from anywhere, with guest and resident lodging, community buildings, independent spring water supply, orchards, etc. It's been here for over 6o years and right now has 16 adult residents. The challenge: Six of the 16 do all the work; the rest have excuses. In a time when we most need a spirit of cooperation and cooperative group functioning, things are very inharmonious. We've tried many things over the years in the attempt to share the work load equitably, but many individuals refuse to actively participate, and actually "look down" upon the hard workers as being less "spiritually developed". For example, our organic gardens are considered a "hobby" that serve no real purpose for the group, even though these same individuals routinely eat the meals prepared and produce preserved (by the same handful of individuals). And, we are a group supposedly committed to a common cause, preserving and disseminating the teachings of Vitvan and the School of the Natural Order for the next age! How will we successfully bring an even more diverse group of individuals into a joint effort of this type? We have a Board of Directors, but they are very challenged in deciding how to best resolve the many ongoing issues, even in this small group. Mr. Ed has a good point -- how to you maintain good order without a bunch of rules or a common cause? Who will manage the workforce or ask those who are taking advantage of others to leave the group? Plus, we've recently had a sociopath join our little community, who has been nothing but disruption and trouble. My experience here definitely has me wondering about other options, but it has also made me somewhat wary after investing over $100,000 to establish my small residence within the community. How would we structure things in the new European endeavor to insure harmony and full cooperation from all participants? I really look forward to this group's ideas and feedback. Karyn

Anonymous said...

resort lady where you are and what you have should be really good is there no way you can get rid of the poison

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