Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Few Notes About Visible

Much gratitude to whoever found you Les Visible, and got you to hospital. Thank you too, Susanne for being, among whatever else you might be to Visible, a staunch friend to him.

Vis; what a horrible, horrible thing to happen; it would be bad enough if it had happened in the company of others and in a "safe place"; that you hurt yourself badly while alone and isolated (and in near freezing temperatures I guess) - and then had to wait many hours, and in a lot of pain, for help which might not even arrive, must have been challenging, and then some. I'm truly sorry for what you've gone through (going through) and I'm just one of thousands+ who I know will be wishing you well.

James Jancik has created a Get Well soon, Les Visible!healing meditation for Visible - it is so worth listening to, and more than once. Thanks James and sorry it's taken me an age to get it linked to.

Meanwhile - and this is for Mouser, or anyone else who has been in touch with Vis; what does he need, or will he need? Has he got a laptop with him, or access to one? If he hasn't and is going to need one, please let us know and I hope we can arrange to get one out to him. Any other equipment he needs, fresh clothes or whatever? Would he like some visitors? Yes, no? And if yes, let's get that sorted - perhaps we could crowd fund something...? Of course, if he's in grumpy mode then visiting him might not be a great idea. Mouser, give us any feedback please.

Maybe a chat-room here on the page could yield something positive; if Vis isn't going to be posting for a few days (or more?) then we might at least chat among ourselves. Who is up for a chat room? I might just put one up anyway, even if I end up talking to myself.

Finally, sorry again James it's taken me hours to get the meditation link up - am having all manner of computer problems here; likewise sorry Guldur, Dawn, Est I've not been able to acknowledge your mails yet.

God bless Les Visible - and thank you God that Vis is Get Well soon, Les Visible!alive

Real time chat if you want to send Vis a get well message or to talk about the best way we're going to get a laptop or tablet (plus whatever else he is going to need) to him. Registering for chat takes 5 seconds and it all happens within the confines of the box below. If you've registered before but can't remember your password or username please drop a line to the3rdelf@lesvisible.com.

And just to keep things simple, if you're known as (e.g.) "Patrick" when commenting on Vis' blogs, then please register as "Patrick" in the box below.

Get well soon, Visible