Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Contributors Sought...

Welcome to the revamped Siamese Mirrors...

Visible's readers (which means you!) are invited to write your own blog posts here, on this site. All you need to do is drop Vis a mail telling him that you'd like to be a contributor and you'll then get the necessary invite. If you don't know Vis' email address, then mail me instead via this page.

Your posts can be about anything - provided they are reasonably "on-topic" (whatever that is); but in the first instance, we're hoping that you might write a few lines about Neil Rogers; your favorite "Neil" poem or characteristic, or anything else about the man which amused, inspired or informed you. A list of his poems will be available, on request, for this purpose.

So, Erin and The Gardner, Est, Niijii, Pierre, Nina (hello!?), Denny (hi-hi!), all the Daves, Jen, Mouser, Rob in WI (hi!) and the thousands of other Vis readers out there - whose names would fill this page, but which I'm struggling to recall anyway - please do make contact with Vis or myself. Our operators are waiting to take your call.

Now I got writer's block (which is why Visible writes and I just lurk). For now, have a feel good video, and feel good.




DaveS said...

Sweet! You guys rock the 'net. Thanks for doing this.

the gardener said...

THIS is very cool. And such an appropriate New Moon prezzie! Thank you Vis.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

margaret thatcher, a force of evil, has resigned from this sphere.

May that force walk in darkness for evermore.

I don't know of a way to state this message by openid or url I am "anonymous"

Visible said...

That was all Sim, I had nothing to do with it. Very nice.

Em said...

Well hello Sim from the shadows. Thank you for doing this and all the other things you do behind the scenes. I sent an e-mail to Vis with my little tribute to Neil. Should I have sent it to you instead? Now I'm feeling guilty about overloading Vis.

the gardener said...

Thanks Sim, Thank you Vis :)

been a lot of talk lately about the Venus transit of last summer-where it transited across the Sun whilst in Gemini retrograde to boot.

Michael Lutin talking about it, Robert Phoenix talking about it, me talking and kind of dwelling on it like there is something really big, really important time wise which is right on the tip of my brain.

Here's a good one from your bud over at truthseeker site-always good interesting, often obscure writings with a lot of old ones pulled up for replay-like this one about the Full Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 13, 2012.


Now what Robert Phoenix is picking up on is that Jupiter is at the same degree right now as it was then during that eclipse. 13 degrees Gemini. (give or take some minutes) Maybe that's what Mikey is about too... don't really know because my own headspace is kind of consumed with this... it is that important.

anyway-some good reading there about what is going on now and to be expected to continue. I also like remembering the last time Saturn was in Scorpio-approx 30 years ago and that is when so much child abuse stories came out-a lot due to Oprah's very hot at that time show. Saturn in Scorpio has a way of doing just that and it is coming out about Thacher/Savile and the pedophiles supplying children, stolen one way or another to provide for the politicians and other sould souls in order to keep them sould (also for these devils' own pleasure and enjoyment too) so expect some major outings with major ramifications like the curtains all being ripped down and exposing what the hell is really going on that has gotten us in such a soulless mess.

the gardener

Summing up degrees of that Total Solar Eclipse (meaning New Moon)

Sun/Moon @ 21 degrees Scorpio
Saturn @ 4 Scorpio 34
Jupiter @ 13 Gemini 54 Retrograde

It might have been that THAT was the Venus degree for its closing performance of its 150 year cycle as it transited across the Sun (would have been called an eclipse if Venus large enough to cover the Sun like the Moon does through its optical illusion due to incredible mathematics allowing that illusion)

I have went back and found that time of the Venus retrograde in Gemini period but have forgotten now what date that even occurred-I do think that THAT was what the Mayan calendar was alluding to or saying with the 2012 forecast of 'ending of cycles' ... meaning a new one has begun. We're in that 'new' right now and it is always most disruptive for all planetary changes at their ends and beginnings like all relationships are.

the gardener said...

PS- And because it seems like a thousand years ago to me (at least) since last November 2012... in regards to what that article about what that Eclipse coming right after THE ELECTION foretells... what happened with that election is what that eclipse was all about too.

bee wrangler said...

I'll bee here for sure!!!-jen

est said...

i only saw this site, tonight
it got past me, somehow

we have gathered most of neils'
work from the three [l v's] blogs

e m and sheila helped out and
now we have quite a collection

without counting them precisely
we have many, several hundred

enough for more than one book

perhaps a digital release, on a
donation basis, would work

and thank you sim, for the open blog

i will certainly throw my thoughts in

just let me know how

Visible said...

Sorry if I am dragging my feet a little but the rest of you can write your dedication or Memorium and also add your poems and any comments you want to make about them. I will be back shortly.

Em said...

I e-mailed the almost 400 poems I collected from Smoking Mirrors to Esteban. Not too sure what to do re: Neil's tribute (or where to put it) so I'll just post part of the e-mail I sent you here. I won't be able to attach the photo but that's okay. Here goes ...

I once made a comment on Smoking Mirrors about an encounter I'd had the day before with an injured bumblebee. I'm often drawn towards the little things in life, perhaps because the big picture is so beyond my ken that I must rely on the deeper insights of others like Vis and Neil to guide me through that immense and complex landscape. My father was a beekeeper so all bees, bumble or otherwise, are very special to me. You can imagine my delight when I found the poem below that Neil wrote in 2012. It is always sweet when someone shares an appreciation of something that is special to you. Although I loved all of Neil's poetry I'd like to submit this poem as one of my favourites.

So dear Neil, respects and rest in ..peace..

With love,

Neil wrote this lovely poem on August 7, 2012:

Bumble bee circles

Grandmothers pie

Weaving dynamics

Of golden sunshine

A token of essence

Devotions of truth

Resonating freedom

Along the wind blew

Everlasting illuminating

Revolutionary change

Humanity lifting

Liberations bow aims

Fire of the spirit

Unity beholds

Streams across existance

Consciously unfold


est said...

good one e m
we have not forgotten

and thanks to sheila too
we have most of them gathered

when l v gets the time
we will put this together

LifeinCreation said...

Sim, I have my contributions ready, and was going to send them to Visible, but I'd like to get your email address as well. You can email me at lifeincreation (at) gmail.com

Also, I am working on getting written submissions from his friends and family... they have agreed but I am just waiting, and gently reminding them. :)

Farmer said...

Are the rivets in the ship well placed?

What I mean to ask is, can the decks on her, handle such a raucous crowd?

If so, I will put me foot on board, if the capan let me.

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