Tuesday, May 28, 2013

For Neil; and for Those who Miss Him

Dear Neil

It's beyond time any of your poems graced lord visible's blogs,,,

You wrote so many (nearly a thousand!) - that within the Visible sphere, you became a part of the furniture; like an ancient but sturdy chair, or favorite comfy sofa, you were reliable, dependable, familiar and always appreciated.

I'm republishing a few of your poems here,,, just three - but I think these three alone go some way toward capturing your warmth, intelligence, sincerity and impish sense of humor.

Wherever you are now Neil, I hope finally, you found your Peace.

with love,,,,,,,


old man kirwan
heart of all truth
mighty lord visibles
rivero too
john lash and bho
nina and charles
sign of the times
free acre isles
old mr silber
dublins and life
rixon stewart,mr tsarrion
farrakhans height
the life of us all
filled with compassion
lets get the job done
the people to action


From - Visible Origami

To all you awake people out there

Something had touched them,
had been poured through them
Like an elixir of precious gems
A cup of profound awakening
No amount of words could do justice
They could only suckle on the teet of ever expanding
And let their thoughts wander into the divine Everything
To learn as children do
To live as children
open and in love forever ready to play
To live to the fullest of every moment
To give with every inch of their heart
In full abundance of all that ever could be
Through all that ever was
They had become love,
Not an easy task these days
But somehow that is what they had become
Respondent only to the harmonic calling
That resonates and fills them full of themself
And that was beautiful in every sense,,,,


From - Smoking Mirrors

you mr visibles
are a master
and have learnt the art of the internal apostrophe also the comma
and the full stop.


From - Reflections in a Petri Dish


Galan Elias Tollbanks said...

neil said...
"Bood drenched lips
dollars to the moon
warmongered sacrifices
minds left with wounds
damaged smashed children
dead sisters and sons
mothers left crippled
fathers with guns
ruthlessness inhumanity
absurd and insain
desecrating reality
falsehoods false claim
trailing the bottom
sucking all life
to serve the death of itself
from itself it cant hide"

Amen, this was in Enables and Their Psychopathic Masters! http://www.zippittydodah.com/2011/05/enablers-and-their-psychopathic-masters.html

I don't think I've missed any of your blogs, for the past 2 years. I am a psychopathic Monster, but I can admit that.
Simply put, Someone like Me wouldn't out law Medically Assisted Suicide (M.A.S)TeR, Freedom even to choose death is what I stand for.

Em said...

Thanks Sim. Nice choices. The last one gave me a chuckle and three commas.

zepheri said...

suicides have outpaced motor vehicle deaths
witch is really quite astounding
this aftermath evolving

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